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    Virtual Birth Doula Support

    As a Virtual Doula, I provide emotional and informational support to families anywhere in the United States during pregnancy, labor & birth.

  • Virtual Doula Support offers personalized,

    compassionate care you can count on!

    I offer text & phone calls, private video chats, and continuous labor support as needed.


    We go over.....

    • common pregnancy concerns & discomforts
    • preparation for birth
    • virtual prenatal meetings
    • comfort measures
    • tips for Dad
    • labor positions
    • tips to help labor progress
    • ways to create a more comfortable environment
    • how to advocate for your wishes
    • how to understand what an intervention is and why it may or may not be necessary
    • breastfeeding challenges
    • baby sleep tips
    • postpartum healing
    • postpartum mood & emotions
    • family dynamics and more
    • 24/7 labor support as needed


    You deserve the highest quality of care during your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

    Virtual Birth Doula support can bridge the gap, answer your questions, and help relieve your anxiety.


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    Who is this service for?

    - Hospital Birthers


    - Home Birthers


    -Anyone wanting additional pregnancy, labor & birth support


    -Families whose birth options are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Virtual Doula Support Package

    • Unlimited support during pregnancy during daytime hours via phone, text, and/or Marco Polo app, after signing of the contract.

    • 1-2 virtual prenatal meetings via Zoom where we get to know one another, find out your birth goals, help create a birth plan, share pain management techniques, what to expect in labor, Q&A, finding out your options, work through anxieties, comfort measures and so much more!

    • Childbirth class. Topics I will cover are... all of your options in childbirth and with your newborn, preparing for labor, basics of labor, anatomy, dilation, stages of labor, positions for labor, comfort measures for labor, tips for Dad, postpartum recovery, newborn care, and the basics of breastfeeding.

    • Help to create a birth plan

    • 24/7 Continuous labor & birth support via phone, text or zoom

    • Support & education to prepare mom for birth

    • Incorporation of dad in the labor and birthing process 

    • Communication and support for you to decide when to go to the hospital 

    • During labor- I am available  24/7, via phone & text, until you have your baby. If you want to facetime me during labor, text a few questions, give suggestions to your in-person support person for pain-coping techniques, labor positions, where to massage the back, and what to say or not to say (we go over all this in the prenatal meetings as well) or need some encouragement, I'm available for the duration of your labor and delivery via text, facetime or phone.

    • I'm a resource for the Dad, someone they can call who has knowledge about birth and ways to support. 

    • Sharing of online & local resources as needed     

    • I'm here to answer questions, offer encouragement, and guidance. 

    • I provide evidence-based information to help you make informed decisions

    •  Access to our Mama Support Group.

    •  Referral to other resources when needed  

    *I require half the amount at the signing of the contract & paid in full by week 36.

    **Video support is offered via Facetime, Zoom and/or Marco Polo app.

    What Does Virtual Doula Support Look Like?

    Virtual Prenatal Meetings.

    We’ll practice labor coping techniques (positioning, movements, massage, acupressure, and more), discuss what to expect in labor and birth, go over your birth goals & wishes, discuss your priorities, create a birth plan if desired, talk through any fears or concerns, and determine how I’ll best serve you at your birthing time. If you have someone that will be physically present with you at your birth, I will share with them ways to support you.


    Continuous Virtual Labor and Birth Support.

    I will be available to you for the entirety of your labor and birth via text, phone and/or video chat, beginning whenever you wish to have me virtually present with you. This looks different for each person. Some just text questions or concerns, others call and we talk through their options. When contractions get intense I help guide through each contractions showing how to breathe and relax through them. Sometimes we jump on a facetime call so we can see each other. It works beautifully!


    Virtual Postpartum Visits or Calls.

    After birth, we’ll meet either virtually or on the phone to review your labor and birth experience. I will answer any questions, provide resources for postpartum support if needed, and ensure you’re adjusting well to new parenthood. I will also be checking in with you for 2 weeks postpartum. During this time I am available to you for any questions, concerns or if you just need to talk. Reach out to me at any time!


    I'm looking forward to chatting with you!

  • Have questions or wanna chat?

    Please reach out!