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    Homebirth in Middle Georgia.....serving Perry, Montezuma, Warner Robins, Macon, Americus and surrounding areas.

  • A glimpse into my journey on the path to becoming a Midwife.


    I always knew I wanted to work with mamas and babies but the specifics were unclear. After personally experiencing both non-supported and supported births with my babies, my passion for supporting families deepened.

    In 2018 I took the first step and became a doula, offering support in home and hospital settings. Witnessing the increasing need for homebirth midwives, I ventured into assisting homebirth midwives. It quickly became evident that God was calling me to become a homebirth midwife myself. The need is significant!

    In the Spring of 2021, I started midwifery school and am currently immersed in academics and hands-on experience, apprenticing with an incredible local midwife. My goal is to graduate in 2025.

    The miracle of birth and the privilege of being invited onto the birth team are moments I'm constantly in awe of and never take for granted.

    Are you interested in Homebirth?

    Although I'm currently focused on my studies and not taking on midwifery clients personally, I'm more than happy to connect you with experienced homebirth midwives in the middle Georgia area, including the one I am apprenticing with. Below is their info.


    Jaimy Dunn-Klinko, CPM (My preceptor)

    (773) 410-6378


    Carlene Allen, CNM

    (478) 955-6117


    Kim Holderfield, CNM

    (321) 750-3433




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