• Deluxe Birth Doula Package

    Doula services PLUS Placenta Encapsulation

    For the Mom who wants Birth education & Labor support as well as a happier, more pleasant postpartum, this package is for you!



    It includes:

    • 1 encapsulated placenta
    • 1 cord keepsake if desired
    • Pick up & Delivery of the Placenta
    • Prenatal visits to build a trusting relationship that includes birth plan building, pain management techniques, what to expect in labor, Q&A, finding out your options, and so much more!
    • One prenatal session accompanying you to a doctor's appointment if you so desire.
    • I will know your goals for birth, know what your birth plan is, and will actively advocate for you!
    • I will be teaching you the Keeping Your Power® concept in our prenatal's, so you can feel confident in communicating and building your relationship with your Dr/Midwife.

    • 24/7 support during pregnancy after signing of the contract   
    • Assistance in creating a birth plan 
    • Evidence-based information to help mom make informed decisions
    • Unlimited contact through phone & text.  ​​
    • Help with questions to the care provider to encourage open communication
    • Support & education to prepare mom for birth
    • Texting during early labor with support and suggestions for comfort
    • Communication and support for you to decide when to go to the hospital 
    • Incorporation of dad or partner in the labor and birthing process 
    • Continuous support during active labor for both the birthing person as well as the birth partner.  When you decide that you need me, I will join you either at your home or at the hospital, whichever you prefer and stay with you through your delivery.
    • NO time limits on labor support  
    • Postpartum support for 1-2 hours after delivery. 
    • Use of essential oils, diffuser, back massages, rebozo, and other comfort tools during labor. 
    • Access to our Mama Support Group.
    • Postpartum call or visit 
    • ​Referral to other resources when needed
    •  (Additional travel fee may be added for clients more than 1 hour away)   
    • *In the event of a stay at home order or Pandemic all of these services will be virtual. IF you and your family are healthy and have not been around anyone who is sick, I am available to come to your home to labor there with you until you go to the hospital, where we will then switch to virtual support.             
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