• Client Testimonials

  • From Chris & Ashley

    "Where do I even begin?! Bertha is heaven-sent. I couldn’t imagine going through birth without her. From the moment we met her, I could tell how passionate she is about her job and making us feel the most at ease as possible. If there was anything I was concerned about or needed to find credible research on, Bertha had it. She answered all my questions and worries and helped my husband and I feel confident going into birth. Her birth class was amazing and she helped me with stretches to do pre-birth and showed my husband ways to get me more comfortable as I grew. At my birth in the hospital, Bertha came very early and helped me through every contraction and helped my husband relax. He has even said so many times how stress free it was having someone so experienced help us through the process and navigate the unknown. If it weren’t for Bertha we more than likely would have ended up in a c section situation. She reminded us of our options throughout the entire birth and made sure that we were able to have a birth we were happy with. Investing in a Doula is definitely one of the best things my husband and I did for our birth. Bertha is incredible and we will always appreciate her being there for us! I seriously wouldn’t have made it through birth without her."

    " Bertha, you just have no idea the impact you had on us that day. We both appreciate you so much and are thankful you were there to share that day with us. We love you so much!"

    From Lindsey & Glendon

    "We were ever so grateful to have Bertha on our birth team!!! From the beginning of my pregnancy through postpartum, she was the biggest blessing and we can't imagine having gone through it without her! She's super supportive of your wishes and strives to help you have the birth you desire, and when things don't go as you'd hoped or planned, she has a wealth of knowledge and we were so thankful to have her to be able to talk things through and ask advice, but she was also a great emotional support!
    We hired her because it was our first time and we knew having someone experienced there to guide and support us was best for both us and our sweet baby but thought it would probably be a one-time thing because after this we would know more what to expect for the next one. But, we already know we want her for the next one as well!
    Both my husband and I would highly recommend having a Bertha as your doula no matter what number of pregnancy it may be, but especially if it's your first!
    She makes you aware of and prepares you for things you would not have thought of on your own, and being informed beforehand is something you can't put a price on!"

    From Gracia & Vaughn

    "Bertha was a God-send for our labor and delivery! She helped us out during active labor, pushing and birth!! She worked with my husband to show him techniques to help with my contractions. She used essential oils to soothe my pain and to create a warm environment. She was definitely my advocate and helped me to keep a natural birth even when I thought I couldn’t! Bertha was kind, considerate and I would recommend her to any mama looking for a doula! I couldn’t imagine doing it without her and all of her birthing knowledge!! SO GRATEFUL!!"

    From Celeste

    "Bertha was my Doula! I loved working with her, she was a professional and I highly recommend her services. She was there for me before, during and after birth. I contacted her day and night and she was always there for me."

    From Khadejah

    "Bertha was an amazing doula and God sent. She was so helpful up to my delivery date, during labor and postpartum! She always presented me with options I had and will put together an amazing birth plan that's easy for the nurse's to read. She was also so prompt and would respond to any questions I had in a very timely manner. If you're looking to have someone to support you during your labor, I would highly recommend her!!"

    From Katherine & Chris

    "From pregnancy through delivery, Bertha was an incredible support system for both myself and my husband. She walked us through everything and answered questions we had and did an amazing job of helping me through labor and birth. Could not have done labor without her!!!"

    From Chelsea

    "With my third (and possibly last) pregnancy, I decided I wanted a natural birth with no pain medication. Being new to the idea, I began my research and decided I needed a doula to help me on my journey before, during, and after. I was in a local baby store one day and came across her card so I reached out and we met one evening to see if we were a good match. Bertha has one of those faces and demeanors that makes you feel like you've known her forever. Her sweet smile and genuine, listening ears made me realize she was perfect for the job. Over the next few months until my delivery, Bertha would reach out to see how things were going and answer any questions I had. In my last month, she gave some great advice on how to speed things along and help get my body ready. She came to our house and met with me and my husband for about two hours to go through our birth plan and show us a few exercises for mom and baby. When the time came, it was the middle of the night and I text Bertha around 2am. She responded right away and said she'd be at my house within an hour. (We live 45 mins apart.) She walked my neighborhood with me at 3:30 in the morning until contractions got closer. My labor went fairly quickly (arrived at hospital around 4:30am and delivered at 5:45) but Bertha was there as a coach, guide, and advocate. She has "all the things" although I needed none of them. As I said, my baby came quickly. But she is so amazing! She visited the baby and me after we were home from the hospital with the sweetest gift. I am so thankful for her and blessed to consider her my friend now. I highly recommend her whatever your birth plan may be."


    From Emmalee

    "Bertha was excellent in guiding me through/educating me during my pregnancy. She is very knowledgeable on any topic that I had questions about natural pain management techniques, essential oils, encouraging labor to begin, VBAC advice and so much more. During labor and delivery, she is steady, encouraging, attentive calm and so very helpful! I am so happy that I chose Bertha as my doula and would definitely recommend her to any woman looking for a positive, relaxed birth experience!."

    From Lisa & Ryan

    "She did great. She massaged my belly and ankles with essential oils, applied hip pressure once contractions got stronger. After delivery, she massaged my lower back. She checked up on me postpartum too. I’d recommend her to anyone."

    From Janelle & Micheal

    "If you are looking for someone to support you through pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum, look no further!
    Bertha was a huge blessing to us during the birth of our son and is so much more than just a birth coach. From providing information and support during pregnancy to continuous support during labor, her presence is gentle and calming and she’s definitely someone you want by your side. Preparing for labor and being informed ahead of time is so helpful and hiring a doula is a great way to educate yourself. Bertha went above and beyond in caring for us and I truly don’t know what we would’ve done without her. Every pregnancy and birth is different and the flexibility and support she showed us through everything was amazing. It’s definitely worth investing in a doula and my husband and I highly recommend Bertha!"

    From Judith

    "I had requested of Bertha to do the placenta encapsulation for me after the birth of our sixth child. She was happy to do it for me and she did a great job at it. Within 24 hours after picking up the placenta she had the capsules ready to take."

    From Mellissa

    "She was an important part of our birthing team. She was very attentive and helpful throughout my labor and delivery. She was encouraging and helped my husband know how best to help me. She was a blessing through my long labor! ."

    From Mona

    "She did an absolutely wonderful job! If you're looking for a doula I highly recommend her! It was very calming to have someone there that knew what was going on and had ways to make laboring easier!"

    From Rachel

    "I can't say enough good things about Bertha. This was my first time hiring a doula (baby #5). From the first meeting, she had with my husband and me, to labor, delivery, and follow-ups and visits postpartum, she was so knowledgeable and always made us aware of our choices. She's such a comforting and peaceful presence and helped me know just when I needed to head to the hospital. During labor and delivery, she helped to get the baby into the proper position which sped up the labor and was a positive encouragement the whole way through. We love her to death and she made our experience a very happy one! Please do yourself a favor and gift yourself with Bertha as your doula. You won't regret it! "

    From Amanda H

    I reached out to Bertha about doing my placenta encapsulation. She and I were in communication quickly and I was provided a thorough detail of services/contract that answered all of my questions and possible concerns. We maintained communication up until I delivered and she made the process easy and seamless. She had my capsules back to me with 24 hours of my delivery. I highly recommend her for any Doula services. ​

    From Stacy

    To anyone looking for a doula, my husband and I highly recommend Bertha! This was my first pregnancy/birth, and I so appreciated how she was there for us, answering all our questions, making us aware of our options, always checking up on me to see how I was doing, and being available day or night whenever I needed to contact her. She was also so helpful with figuring out a birth plan. During labor, she was so supportive and encouraging, and a lot of thanks goes to her for everything going so well! Bertha was amazing and we are so thankful that we were able to have her there with us!​

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