• Virtual Preparing for Childbirth Class

    A complete guide to labor, birth, and postpartum, for families in midwifery or OB care.
    This is a private, virtual, 1 on 1 class.

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    Are you pregnant and want to know what to expect for labor and birth?


    This fun, private, 2-hour Virtual Preparing for Childbirth Class is a complete guide to labor, birth, and postpartum for families in both midwifery and OB care.


    Whether you are planning a hospital birth or home birth, This class will give you the information you need to feel prepared and informed!


    Topics I will cover,

    all of your options in childbirth and with your newborn, preparing for labor, basics of labor, anatomy, dilation, stages of labor, positions for labor, comfort measures for labor, tips for Dad, postpartum recovery, newborn care, and the basics of breastfeeding.

    Its such a fun, private, 1 on 1 class where you can ask any and all questions.

    Please click the link below, Im excited to chat with you!


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