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    My Virtual Doula Package is a convenient service for parents who want the benefits of having a support person .during pregnancy, labor and immediate postpartum maybe your not local but still want support, you may not want or be able to have a 3rd person in the birth room. This amazing option is where you can get the education, information, knowledge, encouragement, guidance and support you want regardless of where you may live.


    I am here to provide you with education, support and to help you prepare for one of THE most incredible moments.


    The package includes:

    1 encapsulated placenta

    1 cord keepsake

    This service includes a phone conversation/consultation (if desired), picking up your placenta, encapsulation, cord keepsake, an informational packet, delivery of placenta capsules & a postpartum follow-up call or text.


    This includes the Doula Package PLUS The Placenta Encapsulation Package


    Whether you are the birth mother or the adopting family, I work with your unique situation and offer services that work together with everyone involved.


    If you are experiencing pregnancy loss, infant loss, or a difficult diagnosis; I am so sorry. You are not alone. I am a certified Stillbirthday doula and am here to support you.

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