• Middle Ga Doulas

    Finding the perfect doula that’s a good fit for you and your needs is an important step to having a positive, satisfying birth experience. A doula will be with you every step of the way, as a guide through your pregnancy, birth and the transition into becoming new parents. I recommend interviewing several doulas to find the one that best fits you.

    What Kind of Doula do you need and who should you choose? This is so individualized and making a list of things that are important to you can be so helpful in the interviewing process. Does the Doula make you feel safe and comfortable and will they be an advocate for you and your wishes? Do they offer reliable resources and evidence-based information? Everyone's priorities are a little different when it comes to hiring a doula and knowing why you are hiring one can be helpful. 


    Birth doulas support you during pregnancy, labor & birth and postpartum


    Postpartum Doulas support families during the postpartum period as they adjust to their new roles


    Sibling Doulas take care of the siblings while the parents spend time with the new baby,



    Bereavement Doulas are there for families experiencing the loss of their baby through miscarriage, stillbirth or the knowledge of a loss after delivery,



    Adoption Doulas support either the birth mother or the adopting family.


    No matter what kind of Doula you need, there is a doula for everyone. Please reach out to me if you have questions.



    Below is a list of the Doulas in the middle Ga area. The ones that are in bold and underlined are ones I have worked with before. Please reach out if you have questions.

    Amber Jackson

    Company: The Abiding Doula, LLC
    Doula Type: Birth & Postpartum
    Will Travel: 1-hour radius of Perry, GA
    Contact: Phone: 478-213-2977

    Facebook: The Abiding Doula, LLC

    Akeya Shannon

    Doula Type: Birth & Postpartum

    Location: Macon, GA
    Will Travel: 70-90 miles
    Contact: Phone: 478-250-2156

    email: akeyahshannon2003@gmail.com

    Ashanti White

    Company: The Bloom Doula, LLC
    Doula Type: Pregnancy, Labor & Birth
    Location: Warner Robins, Ga
    Will Travel: 50 miles
    Contact: Phone: 478-213-9041 email: ashanti@thebloomdoula.com
    website: www.thebloomdoula.com     

    Social Media:
    ~IG: @thebloomdoula
    ~FB: www.facebook.com/thebloomdoula          

    Bertha Yoder

    Company: Birth with Bertha llc.

    Doula type: Birth, virtual, pregnancy/infant loss.

    Available Services: Placenta Encapsulation, Childbirth Educator

    Location: Macon, Warner Robins, Perry, Americus
    Contact: phone: 478-952-2886

    email: Yoderbertha@yahoo.com
    website: www.berthayoder.com  

    Fb & IG Birth with Bertha

    Brianna Cromartie

    Company: Your Wellness Doula
    Doula Type: Fertility, Birth, Postpartum
    Available Services: Pediatric Sleep Consultant
    Location: Macon, GA
    Will travel: 100 miles
    Contact: phone: 478-258-3898 email: yourwellnessdoula@gmail.com
    website: www.yourwellnessdoula.com          

    Britney Asbell

    Company: Britney Asbell Doula Services
    Doula Type: Birth, Bereavement (Stillbirthday trained)
    Available Services: Placenta Prints
    Location: Warner Robins, GA
    Will travel: 50 miles
    Contact: phone: 478-542-0749 email: Britney.asbell@gmail.com

    Caprice Thomas

    Company: Beautiful Bellies Doula
    Doula Type: Birth, Infant/Pregnancy Loss, Fertility
    Location: Macon, GA
    Will Travel: 30 miles
    Contact: phone: 478-216-8166 email: beautifulbelliesga@gmail.com
    website: www.honeypotwellness.com
    Social Media: FB: http://www.facebook.com/beautifulbellies          

    Chasity Randolph

    Company: Wholistic Womb
    Contact: email: wholisticwomb@gmail.com
    website: https://msha.ke/wholisticwomb             

    Chelsia Celeste

    Company: Royal Baby Doula
    Doula Type: Birth, Postpartum
    Location: Forsyth, GA
    Will Travel: 40 miles from Forsyth
    Contact: phone: 504-570-0013 email: Royalbabydoula@gmail.com

    Cherish Leemon

    Company: Cherish Doulaship
    Doula Type: Birth, Postpartum
    Available Services: Childbirth Education Instructor, Offering a Christian Approach to

    Location: Warner Robins, GA
    Contact: phone: 850-758-1881 email: cleemon@cherishdoulaship.com
    website: www.cherishdoulaship.com          

    Courtney Coley

    Company: Free Spirit Massage & Doula Services
    Doula Type: Birth, Postpartum, Sibling
    Available Services: Certified Prenatal/Postpartum/Fertility Massage and Certified Breastfeeding, Placenta Encapsulation
    Location: Bonaire, GA
    Will travel: 1 hour
    Contact:phone:478-365-7857 email:freespiritmassageanddoula@gmail.com
    website: www.freespiritmassagetherapyllc.com                   

    Erin Swartz

    Company: Erin’s Doula & Birth Services
    Doula Type: Birth
    Available Services: Infant Massage, Childbirth Educator
    Location: Warner Robins, GA
    Will travel: 1 hour
    Contact: phone: 910-578-7629 email: Erinsdoulaxare@gmail.com
    website: www.erinsdoulacare.com                     

    Fabiana Steenhoek

    Company: Earthside Doula Services
    Doula Type: Birth
    Location: Monticello, GA
    Will travel: 50 miles/1 hour
    Contact: phone: 404-520-2443 email: wymgrl2012@gmail.com                             

    Isabella Ferreira

    Company: Vibrant Birth

    Doula Type: Birth & Postpartum

    Available Services; Childbirth educator

    Location: Macon Ga

    Will travel: 30 miles

    Contact: 706-297-3622


    website: www.vibrantbirths.com


    Jazmine Anderson

    Company: Divine Beginnings Birth Services


    Doula type; Birth Doula


    Services Offered: Placenta Encapsulation

    Birth Assisting


    First Aid/CPR



    Med Tech Certified

    Student midwife




    Cell- 571-310-8834

    Kwaneshia "Shay" Glover-Glover

    Company: The perfect Glove Doula services
    Doula Type: Labor & Birth
    Location: Macon, GA
    Will travel: 25-50 miles
    Contact: Phone: 478-442-2021 email: kwaneshiaglover@yahoo.com
    FB Social media https://www.facebook.com/gloverglover2017


    Libby Peacock

    Company: Heritage of Hope Doula
    Doula Type: Birth, Postpartum
    Available Services: Breastfeeding Consulting
    Location: Byron, GA
    Will travel: 40 miles
    Contact: phone: 478-951-9264 email: Heritageofhopedoula@gmail.com
    website: https://www.facebook.com/heritageofhopedoula                                  

    Lolita Hershberger

    Doula type: Birth

    Available Services: Birth pool rental
    Location: Middle Ga
    Contact: Phone: 478-212-3378

    email: lavernrh@gmail.com


    Patricia Prime

    Company: Prime BabyTime Consulting, LLC
    Doula Type: Postpartum
    Available Services: Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Registered Nurse, New Parent Educator,
    Child Passenger Safety Technician
    Location: Byron, GA
    Will travel: 50 miles
    Contact: phone: 478-951-5301 email: Pbabytimec@gmail.com
    website: https://www.pbabytimec.com                                        

    Shira Lawrence

    Company: She By Shira Doula Services
    Doula Type: Birth & Postpartum
    Available Services: Childbirth Educator
    Location: Middle GA
    Will travel: 30 miles
    Contact: phone: 478-383-5550 email: shebyshira@gmail.comwebsite: www.shebyshira.com
    Social Media:
    ~FB: She by Shira Doula Services
    ~IG: @shebyshira_doula

    Za'Kiesha Blanks

    Company: The Power of Love Birth Services
    Doula Type: Full Spectrum (Fertility, Birth, Postpartum)
    Available Services: Childbirth Educator, Placenta Specialist, Pregnancy & Infant Loss
    Advocate, Community Breastfeeding Educator
    Location: Gordon, GA
    Will travel: 100 miles
    Contact: Phone: 678-978-4406 email: thepoweroflovedoula@gmail.com
    website: https://www.thepoweroflovebirthservices.com
    Social media:
    ~IG: @thepoweroflovebirth
    ~FB: The Power of Love Birth
    ~TikTok: Kieshathebirthworker