Estimated Due Date

by doula, Bertha Yoder

The big day!

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The day you have been waiting for with great anticipation....

..your due date.

The day you get to meet your baby.

The day you become a Mama/Daddy.

The day you witness the miracle of birth.

The day you are at your strongest, yet most vulnerable.

The day you get to snuggle, kiss those sweet cheeks, count fingers & toes, and fall in love.

That day may come and go and you may still be pregnant.


Did you know the only 1 in 30 babies are born on their due date?

I always tell my clients that a due date is a guess date. Don't be hyper focused on that one date.

Think about the fact that there are so many hormonal preparations that are happening to get ready for sweet babies arrival. Hormones like oxytocin, endorphins, adrenaline and prolactin all play a major role in regulating labor and birth.

Taking the focus off of the one date may take away some of your stress and anxiety .




Trust in your body’s ability to follow its natural process.

Baby will come when baby is ready.