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In the still of the night with a Doula in Macon Ga

By Bertha Yoder

· Birth,Pregnancy,Doula,Macon

It’s the middle of the night and I’m at a birth. This is my favorite time. I called my family several hours ago and said good night. I love knowing they are all happy and tucked into bed. My mama mind can rest knowing they are all sleeping. (Even though they are all old enough to care for themselves, They are still my babies.)


Labor is going long.
As the new Mom-to-be is catching a nap, I grab a chair, pillow and blanket, curl up on the couch, prop my feet up on the chair and try to get into a comfy position. I never truly sleep.

I’m still watchful even when my eyes are closed. I listen for the slightest sound and know what’s needed before I even open my eyes...It may be to get her some ice, chapstick for her dry lips, silence an alarm, unhook monitors so she can use the restroom, massage her back when back labor settles in, offer comforting words letting her know all is normal & well, or just to make eye contact across the dimly lit room so she knows she is not in this alone.

After the epidural has kicked in, there is nothing like the assurance and knowledge that someone will always be by your side, who knows your wishes and desires for this birth, gets you things you need, talks through your fears, laughs at silly shows on tv with you, and makes you feel as “at home” as possible.

And then..... Mom says, “I need to push!” ahhhhhh 🙌🤩 that rush of excitement fills the room! Energy starts to flow unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and once more I get to witness and support a women at her strongest, most vulnerable moment! Her strength, determination, and love for another human she has yet to meet is such a beautiful thing. Every push, every teardrop, every ounce of pain, every drop of sweat, all vanishes when she hears that sweet cry and meets the child she has been waiting for! That magical moment where time stands still, and heaven seems to come down to earth.
The miracle of birth.
This is what I love.

This is what I do.
I am a doula.

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