VBAC Birth in Middle Ga

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If you have experienced a Cesarean delivery you are not alone. In the USA nearly one in three women gives birth by cesarean section.

So many women believe that after one C-section they are locked into C-sections for life, and that may not be the case! Understand that not everyone with a prior cesarean is a candidate for a VBAC, so having this discussion with your doctor is important to fully understand if you have a good chance of a successful VBAC.

According to the American Pregnancy Association "If you desire to try a vaginal delivery after having had a cesarean, you should be encouraged by knowing that 90% of women who have undergone cesarean deliveries are candidates for VBAC".

Make sure your doctor or midwife is not only supportive of a VBAC but are also well-practiced in delivering babies that way. Find your individual provider's VBAC rate. And while no provider can promise you an outcome, its important to have these key discussions early on.

At my latest birth that I attended as a Birth Doula in middle Georgia, it was such an honor to serve to a VBAC Mother who,

A. Was aware of the risks involved

B. Had a super supportive Midwife

C. Was educated on Evidenced-Based VBAC Facts

D. Learned all she could, asked questions and knew her options.

This mom made every decision for the birth she felt was right for her, and it was perfection!! She said, " looking at my pictures it makes me feel so strong and proud and I'm ready to do it again!"

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My most favorite picture ever!! Ahhhh the power of a woman giving birth and the joy of a sweet baby in your arms!!

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And can we just talk about dads in the labor room??!! My hats are off to you! No one in the room knows Mom better than you! You are her rock! I LOVE to help Dads be confident in supporting their wife and this Dad rocked the title "labor support"!!

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I'd love if you would share your VBAC stories below!

Pics shared with permission