A Doula's Own Birth Story

Perry Ga

My Birth Story

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Today is my 40'th birthday!! (cue the balloons, cake, and candles) LOL!

So, confession, I had been dreading turing 40. No other birthday has bothered me, but this one did. It sounded so old. 40. But God woke me up a little earlier than normal this morning and I have nothing but thankfulness in my heart! I am so blessed! I have Jesus! I have THE most amazing husband, children that bless me daily, I have great health, the most amazing job ever, the best family a girl could ever ask for, wonderful friends and the list goes on and on! I stepped out on my porch and as I watched the sunrise I thanked God for all my blessings and for bringing me into my 40's! What a beautiful day it is to be celebrated! My Mom and Dad called me first thing this morning, and as they do with every birthday, I hear the story of my birth. I love it! So I asked Mom if I could share it with yall.

Here it is... The day I was born.

Moms labor started the eve of Sept 6'th and they arrived at the hospital around 10 PM. She labored for 12 hours. They were SO excited cause this would be the first birth that my Dad was able to be in the delivery room for. ( Hospital did not allow him in there for my older brother and sisters birth) He would finally be able to support mom and see his child be born. The time came for pushing and Dr said: "ok, get ready cause about 3 more pushes she will be here"! Well, mom kept pushing for a while and I wouldn't come out! So Dr did an exam and thought I was breach and had mom push some more. I still didn't come! So Dr ordered an Xray and they discovered I was a Face Presentation!

(Face presentation is when the baby is head-down, and their head is arched backward. The back of their head touches their back. The baby’s face, usually their chin, appears first through the birth canal. This type of position occurs in about 0.2% of births.)

When Dr had done the exam and felt what he thought was my butt, it was actually my face! My lips and face were so swollen! Trust me; I have heard a lot of jokes from my brothers about my face being mistaken for a butt!! LOL

Dr called for an emergency c-section and my poor Dad wasn't allowed back there at all! Mom said they were running, pushing her down the hall! When they placed her on the operating table, the Dr. said, " Is everyone ready to start?" she was still awake! So she wiggled her toes and coughed so he knew she wasn't asleep yet and would not start cutting too soon! In no time I was born. All 8lbs of me. And that's the story of my dramatic entrance into this world!

Id love to hear your birth story! Feel free to comment below with it.

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