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Lemongrass Spotlight

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Lemongrass Essential Oil

What is Lemongrass......

Lemongrass grows in dense clumps that can grow six feet tall and four feet wide . It is native to warm and tropical regions, such as India & Southeast Asia. It is used medicinally in India and its common in Asian food. Its popular in African and South American countries for making tea.

Do you often feel sore after exercising? dōTERRA’s lemongrass is perfect for a massage when combined with fractionated coconut oil after a hard workout.

It is also purifying for the skin! Consider adding it to your skin care regimen to promote a refreshing feeling.

Lemongrass has a subtle citrus flavor that may also promotes healthy digestion.

Add doTERRA Lemongrass to your essential oil collection and you will experience healthy digestion, natural nail polish remover, flea repellent for your dogs, ward off insects, natural deodorizer and cleaner, great for skin health(It can sterilize your pores, serve as a natural toner and strengthen your skin tissues), reduce body aches, supports healthy cholesterol levels, and has a soothing sensation when used on muscles and joints.

Use Lemongrass in your food or beverages to add flavor and provide additional dietary support.

Learn about the many uses of doTERRA Lemongrass by checking out the product spotlight here.

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