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All natural Hand Soap

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When the husband says “ please, let’s not ever run out of this soap again!!!" You buy lots of it!! Add in some all natural laundry detergent and all natural, all purpose cleaner we are good to go!! 🤩🤩💞

We have this soap in every single bathroom and at the kitchen sink because it doesn't have triclosan and other harmful chemicals in it!

If you are concerned about providing your family with safe, natural products for the home, the On Guard Foaming HandWash is the perfect addition to any bathroom or kitchen.

Unlike other soaps and cleansers that may contain toxins or harmful ingredients, this soap includes natural ingredients like essential oils to keep your family safe and clean at the same time!

Many soaps tend to leave the hands dry, irritated, or rough, the On Guard Foaming Hand Wash formula is designed to soften the hands and leave them with wonderful scent of On Guard Blend. Not only do the essential oils nourish and cleanse the skin, but this formula is also pH balanced to help protect the skin’s moisture barriers—keeping your hands from drying out after use. Whether you have sensitive skin or want a soap that won’t dry your hands out, the On Guard Foaming Hand Wash is the perfect solution.

The blend of oils in the hand wash includes essential oils like Wild Orange, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary. The cleansing properties of the essential oils in this blend make it a safe, effective cleanser for the entire family. The foaming action of this product will make it fun and easy for the kids to use, and leave their hands clean and refreshed.

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